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World War II Vocabulary

totalitarianismnational government was everything-individual nothing
facismextreme form of nationalism
NazisNational Socialist party of Germany (1933-1945)
Munich Conferenceagreement by Britian & France to give Germany the Sudetenland
appeasementgiving in to avoid a larger conflict
nonagression pactagreeing not to attack one another
Lend Lease Actpresidential authority to sell war supplies to other nations
Pearl HarborNaval base in Hawaii attacked by Japan
Axis PowersGermany Italy Japan
Allied PowersGreat Britain France Russia United States & others
Benito Mussolinileader of the Facist party in Italy
HirohitoJapanese emperor during WWII
Winston ChurchillLeader of Great Britain during WWII
Joseph StalinLeader of the Soviet Union during WWII
island hoppingstrategy of attacking only key islands
Battle of Midwaykey turning point in the Pacific war June 1942
Battle of Coral SeaJapanese forced to turn back May 1942
Battle of StalingradKey Soviet victory over Germans Feb. 1943
El AlameinKey British victory over Germans Oct-Nov. 1942
General Douglas McArthurUS General in Southern Pacific
Adminal Chester NimitzUS Adminal in Central Pacific

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