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Three States of Matter "Games"

Review the three states of matter with a matching and concentration game, flash cards and a word search.

three states of mattersolids, liquids, gases
What is matter made up of?atoms and molecules
describe particles of matteralways moving & bumping into each other
solidsdefinite shape & volume
solid particlesclose together & vibrating
crystalline solidsform a pattern; specific melting point
crystalline solid examplesiron, diamonds, ice, sand, salt
amorphous solidsno pattern; get softer when heated
amorphous solid examplesglass, rubber, wax, plastic, butter
liquidsdefinite volume, no definite shape
liquid shapeshape of its container or a puddle
liquid particlesclose together, but move freely
surface tensiona force that acts on the particles at the surface of a liquid
viscositythe resistance of a liquid to flowing
high viscosityhigh resistance---flows slowly
low viscositylow resistance---flows quickly
high viscosity examplesketchup, honey, syrup
low viscosity exampleswater, tea, coffee, pop
gasesno definite shape, no definite volume
gas shape & volumematch their container
gas particlesfar apart; fly at high speeds

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