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female & male reproductive disorders

PIDinfection of pelvic organs
tx for PIDIV/PO abx, BR, contact isolation
toxic shock syndrometype of septic shock from toxins
TAHtotal abdominal hysterectomy
BSObilateral salpingoopherectomy
TVHtotal vaginal hysterectomy
endometriosisendometrial cells outside of uterus
fibroidsbenign growths on/w/in uterus
surgical menopauseovaries removed, no estrogen secreted
HRThormone replacement therapy
LAVHlap assisted vaginal hysterectomy
A&P repairanterior & posterior repair
anterior colporrhaphyrepair of cystocele
posterior colporrhaphyrepair of rectocele
s/s of cystocelestress incontinence
s/s of rectoceleconstipation
s/s of uterine prolapsedropping out feeling
pessarydevice to give support to uterus
vaginal fistulaunnatural opening to vagina
cancer in situlocalized malignancy
fibrocystic breast diseasemammary dysplasia
s/s of fibrocystic breast diseasetender, painful breast
fibroadenomasingle,solid benign mass
breast cancermany types, malignant
BSEbreast self exam
TSEtesticular self exam
lumpectomyremove tumor only
partial mastectomytumor, some breast tissue & nodes
simple/total mastectomyall breast tissue, no nodes
subq mastectomyall breast tissue, skin/nipple left
modified radical mastectomybreast, some nodes,lining chest muscle
radical mastectomybreast,axil nodes,pect major/minor
cannot do this after mastectomytake BP, IV sticks, injections
menarchestart of menstrual periods
LMPlast menstrual period
PMSpremenstrual syndrome
menopauseno ovarian function, age 45-55
dyspareuniapainful intercourse
amenorrheaabsence of menstrual flow
menorrhagiaheavy bldg w/ periods
reduction mammoplastybreast reduction
breast augmentationenlargement of breast
BPHbenign prostatic hypertrophy
s/s of BPHnarrow stream, nocturia
treatment for BPHTURP, meds
radical prostatectomyremoval of entire prostate
postop care of TURPCBI, foley, no strain,
testicular cancerage 18-40, lump or nodule in testicle
cryptorchidismundescended teste
cancer of penisrare, lesions, uncircumcised
prostatitisinflammation of prostate
epididymitis/orchitisinflam/infectionof epididymis
phimosistight foreskin
paraphimosisforeskin pulled down, not pulled back
hydrocelefluid in scrotal sac
spermatocelecystic tumor of epididymis
varicocelevaricose veins in scrotum
priapismprolonged erection
impotenceunable to obtain/retain erection
vasectomysurgical cutting of vas deferens
vasovasostomyreversal of vasectomy

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