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Streams of Civilization - Chapter 13

Vocabulary words for chapter 13 of Streams of Civilization, by Mary Stanton and Albert Hyma.

Chapter 13: The Development of European Nations

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tariffsTrade leagues helped merchants get lower ______ on the goods that they sold to other countries.
EstatesPhilip IV of France established a council called the ________ General to approve his tax bills and policies.
guildDuring the Middle Ages, everyone in a town who worked at the same craft belonged to the same craft ________.
grandThe ________ jury determines whether there is enough evidence for a trial.
sacramentsSeven ________ were important to Roman Catholics in the Middle Ages.
relicsItems such as the bones of a saint or pieces of the cross
masterThe highest level in a medieval craft guild
brigandsThe French king Louis the Fat started the "war of the ________" against his unruly nobles.
charterA legal document
commonHenry II helped establish ________ law in England.
shrineA place that was honored because an important religious event happened there
excommunicatedIf a person was ________, he was cut off from the church.
journeymanA young man became a _______ after completing an apprenticeship.
purseThe pressure on the king to pass laws that Parliament suggested was called the power of the _______.
crossThe decision to go on a Crusade was called "taking the _______."
MoorsMuslim invaders of Spain
DoomsdayThe results of the survey ordered by William the Conqueror were recorded in the __________ Book.
apprenticeA young boy who worked without pay while he learned a trade
ParliamentThe governing body established during Henry III's rule
pilgrimageA trip to a holy place
RegisWilliam the Conqueror called his council of leading nobles the Curia ________.
LechfeldOtto defeated the Magyars in the Battle of ________.
AdelaideOtto, the king of Germany, crossed the Alps to rescue this widowed queen so that he could marry her and gain new territory in Italy.
WallaceScotland rebelled against England during Edward I's rule under the leadership of William _________.
TemplarThe Knights ________ was a group of knights who physically fought against the enemies of the Roman Catholic Church.
CastileThe territory in Spain that was captured by Christians became known as the kingdom of ________.

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