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lower GI disorders

IBS aka spastic coloncluster of s/s w/out disease
s/s IBSalt w/ constipation & diarrhea
crohn's diseaseinflam of any part of GI tract
ulcerative colitisinflam of colon only
s/s crohn'sskip lesions,cobblestone, grad onset
s/s ulcerative colitisabrupt onset,megacolon,bldy/mucus diarrhea
appendicitisinflam of appendix
complication of ruptured appendixperitonitis
location of pain for appendicitisMcBurney's point, RLQ
peritonitisinflammation of peritoneum
s/s of peritonitisrigid,boardlike, distended abd
intestinal obstructionblock of normal intestinal flow
diverticulosispouches in colon
diverticulitisinflamed pouches
s/s of diverticulitispain LLQ abd, maroon jelly stools
diet for diverticulosishigh fiber, no seeded foods
herniaprotrusion of organ from cavity
reducible herniaable to replace intestines
irreducibleincarcerated herniacannot replace r/t edema
strangulated herniabld supply cut off to bowel
herniorrhaphyrepair defect in abd wall
hemorrhoidsdilated veins outside/inside of rectum
tx for hemorrhoidssitz baths, topical meds, surg
anorectal abscesscollection of pus w/in anal canal
anal fissuretear/ulceration in anal canal
anal fistulainflammed tunnel/tract to surface of anal canal
pilonidal sinusinfection of hair follicle,sacro area

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