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Urinary System Matching

There are 18 pairs of terms, so keep playing until you get them all right!

Principal organs of the urinary system.Kidneys
Indentation located in the medially concave region of the kidney.Hilum
Functional unit of kidney.Nephrons
Outer region of the kidney - urine manufacturing facility.Renal Cortex
Inner region of the kidney - urine collecting facility.Renal Medulla
Collecting tubules that organize themselves into triangular wedges.Medullary Pyramids
Cells that measure blood pressure.Juxtaglomerular Apparatus
Cup that collects filtrate from glomerulusBowman's Capsule
Two slender tubes that transport urine formed by the kidneys.Ureters
Temporary storage reservoir for urine.Urinary Bladder
Small tubular structure that transports urine from the bladder out of the body.Urethra
Concentrated filtrate made of 96% water and 4% dissolved wastes.Urine
Substance promoting the formation and excretion of urine.Diuretic
Stimulates kidneys to reabsorb more water.Antidiuretic Hormone
Decreases sodium by triggering urine production.Atrial Natriuretic Hormone
Network of capillaries which filter blood in nephronGlomerulus
Stimulates red blood cell productionHemopoeitin = Erythropoeitin

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