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What is a volcano?

Amount of energy magma contains depends onthe amount of potential energy and pressure it is under
Magma that reaches yhe surface is calledlava
The event that brings mamga to the surface is calledan eruption
Two definitions for a Valcano areAn opening in earth's crust that released molten lava/Lava that cools to form a mountain
Magma or ______ is under great ______ inside the earth and forced into deep pockets calledmolten lava/pressure/magma chambers
Volcanic eruptions may be "quiet' where onlylava comes out
Volcanic eruptions may be "explosive" whererock particles, steam, and gas comes out.
Volcanic eruptions quiet or explosive determmined by what 3 things?chemistry/temperature/pressure of magma
Steam of lava that flows from a vent is called a(n)lava flow
Most valcanoes, like EQs occur alongplate boundries
Volcanic activity can actually _____ as magma moves upward to the surfaceproduce earthquakes
EQs caused by volcanic activity can______ or ______ earhts crust.fracture/buckle
Volcanic activity zone surrounding the Pacific OceanRing of Fire
Created Ring of Fire when ocean plates _______ under the continental platesbuckle
Longest volcanic zone along the _______ where plates move apartOceantic ridge systems
Magma moves up from _______ on the ocean floor.rifts
Zone islands have formedMid-Atlantic ridge
Volcanoes formed far away from plate boundries calledhot spots
Example of volcanoes caused by hot spots are calledHawiian Islands
Monitoring changes helped Volcanologists predict eruption of volcanoMt Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991 saving many lives
Volcano that has erupted in past century is labeledactive
Volcanoes that haven't erupted in hundreds of yeardormant
Volcanoes that haven't eruoted in thousands og yearsextinct
Thin fluid lava forms ______ volcanoes with_____shield/flat shield like
One of the largest shield is ________ on the islands of HawaiiMauna Loa
The tops of many of shield volcanoes produceocean islands
Explosive eruptions produce ____ valcanoes made of _____,____, and ______ which build up around the vent.cinder cone/ash, cinders, other volcanic debris
Cinder volcanoes have ______ slopes and ______ basessteep/gently sloping


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