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CapacitorsTwo electrodes or sets of electrodes in the form of plates, separated from each other by an insulating material called the dielectric.
Hazardous LocationAn area where ignitable vapors or dust may cause a fire or explosion created by energy emitted from lighting or other electric equipment or by electrostatic generation.
Flexible Metal ConduitA flexible raceway of circular cross section specially constructed for the purpose of the pulling in or the withdrawing of wires or cables after the conduit and its fittings are in place.
FrequencyThe number of periods occurring in unit time of a periodic process, such as in the flow of electric charge. The number of complete cycles per second existing in any form of wave motion.
Fuse AlloyAn alloy of lead with a small percentage of tin, used for electric safety fuses because it readily melts under the heat of an electric current when the current becomes too strong for the safety of the circuit.
Circuit BreakerA device designed to open and close a circuit by nonautomatic means and to open the circuit automatically on a predetermined overcurrent without injury to itself when properly applied within its rating.
SwitchgearA general term covering switching and interrupting devices.
Short-CircuitA fault in an electric circuit or apparatus due usually to imperfect insulation, such that the current follows a by-path and inflicts damage or is wasted.
OrangeburgA nonmetallic pipe used for underground installations by plumbers.
Mercury SwitchA type of switch which employs mercury as one of the contacts. In operation, the circuit is closed and opened by the other contact dipping into and rising from the mercury.
Internal ResistanceThe resistance to the flow of an electric current within a cell or battery.
Ground RelayA relay that by its design or application is intended to respond primarily to system ground faults.
Flashing OverIn dynamos furnishing high voltage current, the drawing out of a long blue spark from brush to brush on the commutator, when the resistance of the circuit is suddenly changed.
Electrical GridAn integrated system of electricity distribution, usually covering a large area.
Electric IncandescenceThe glowing of a substance when heated white hot by an electric current. Incandescence is produced by the passage of a current of high intensity through a conductor of high resistance.
High Tension CurrentA high voltage current. The word high tension refers to pressure of 1000 or more volts.
Transfer SwitchA switch arranged to permit transferring a conductor connection from one circuit to another without interrupting the current.
TransformerAn apparatus used for changing the voltage and current of an alternating circuit.
Electric TransmissionThe conveying of electric power from a generating station, by means of transmission circuits, to distant stations where the power is consumed.
Set ScrewA screw with a pointed or cupped end, used to secure a pulley upon a shaft or for like purposes.

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