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Early Native Americans

Prentice-Hall, The American Nation
Chapter 2/Sections 1&2

glacierthick sheet of ice
artifactstone tool, weapon or other object made by humans
archaeologystudy of evidence left by early peoples
cultureentire way of life a people has developed
adobesun-dried brick
pueblomultistoried house that could shelter hundreds of families
droughtlong dry spell
Beringiaa land bridge once joined Siberia to Alaska
IllinoisThe Mississippians built a large city at Cahokia in what present-day state?
SouthwestIn what part of North America did the Hohokams and the Anasazis live: NW, NE, SW, or SE?
AnasazisWho built homes on cliff walls to protect themselves from attack?
droughtWhat happened to the weather to force the Anasazi to leave their villages?
culture arearegion in which people share a similar way of life
iglooInuit house of ice and snow
kayaksmall skin boat used by the Inuit
kivaunderground chamber for Pueblo religious ceremonies
hoganNavajo house made of mud plaster over a wooden framework
tepeecone shaped tent that Plains people made from buffalo hides
travoissled used by Plains people to haul gear
Longhousehouse shared by several Iroquois families
InuitLived in the Arctic, hunting & fishing way of life; lived in igloos.
KwakiutlLived in the Northwest Coast, fishing way of life.
Ute, ShoshoneLived in the Great Basin, had a hunting & gathering way of life.
PuebloLived in the Southwest, had a farming lifestyle.
NavajoLived in the Southwest; learned to farm from the Pueblos.
BlackfootLived in the Great Plains; had a hunting & farming way of life.
NatchezLived in the Southeast on the Gulf Coast; ruled by the Great Sun.
IroquoisLived in the Eastern Woodlands; had a hunting & farming way of life; women had a great deal of power.
potlatchgatherings where people showed off their wealth
artifactsarrowheads, pottery, buried animal bones, stone tools
moundsbuilt to bury their dead
raina precious resource to the farming peoples of the dry Southwest
League of Iroquoisunited several groups of tribes in the Eastern Woodlands called the League of Nations, mainly in New York State
sachemruling group of women

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