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4.4 Plant Parts (Match-up)

In this game you will try and match up the plant parts with the correct definition.

vascular plantsplants with roots and stems which contain tubes for moving water through the plant.
nonvascular plantsplants without stems (mosses, liverworts, green algae)
petalcolorful leaf that helps attract insects
pollenCarried by wind, insects, or birds.
fruitProduced in the flower, it protects the seeds.
pistilThe female part of the flower. The seed develops in the ovary at the bottom.
stamenThe male part of the flower. Produces pollen.
sepalsThey protect the emerging flower bud
stemconducts water from the roots to the cells of the plant
leavesphotosynthesis takes place here
sporesferns, mosses, liverworts reproduce with these, not seeds.
embryobaby plant, emerging from the seed
dormancywinter hibernation for plants
chlorophyllgreen pigment which captures sunlight for photosynthesis
carbon dioxidegas needed by plants for photosynthesis
oxygengas given off by plants during photosynthesis
sunlightenergy needed for photosynthesis
leavespart of plant where photosynthesis takes place
flowerpart of plant where reproduction takes place

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