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Earth Models and Movements

Geocentric and heliocentric models, also rotation, revolution, and solar system

geocentricEarth centered
heliocentricSun centered
Galileotelescope & heliocentric
Copernicusfirst heliocentric book
Earth locationSolar System
Sungreatest mass in Solar System
our galaxyMilky Way
Milky Way ? galaxyspiral galaxy
Earth age4.6 billion years
Universe age12-15 billion years
Big Bangbeginning of Universe
Black Holeits gravity absorbs light
light yearsdistance between stars
rotationcauses day and night
revolutiontakes one year
axisimaginary line through middle of Earth
24 hoursone rotation takes
one orbit around the Sunrevolution
sphereEarth's shape
23.5Earth's tilt

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