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Georgia Washingtoncommander of America's Continental Amry
Battle of Bunker Hillfirst major battle of the Amercian Revolution; the colonial militia lost the battle but proved they could stand against the british amry
Olive Branch Petitiondocument sent by the Second Continental Congress to King Georgia 3, asking the king to restore peace between Britain and the colonies
Common Sensepamphlet written by Thomas Paine, calling for Amercian independence
Continental Amryit was another name for the American Amry
Declaration of Independencedocument written by Thomas Jefferson and signed by members of the Second Continental Congress, declaring the colonies free of Britain control
Thomas JeffersonVirginia delegate to Congress and the primary author of the Declaration of Independence
Marquis De LafayetteFrench noble who volunteered to serve in washington's amry and persuade the french king to send 6,000 troops to help the Americans; hero in both French and American
General CornwallisBritain offier responsible for taking the southern colonies; surrendered to washingtoon at Yorktown
Battle of Yorktownlast major battle of the American Revolution; won by American and French troops
The American Crisisin which a man ordered the soildfers to fight their enemy even though they were loosing
Battle of Kettle CreekGeorgia battle resulting in patriot victory and the withdrawal of British troops from Georgia's Backcountry

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