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Cosm - Ch 09 - Parts of the Hair and Properties

folliclepocket that holds the hair
hair bulbprotects the papilla
hair rootpart underneath the skin
hair shaftpart above the skin
papillareproductive eggs, cone shaped
sebaceous glandproduces oil, keeps hair soft
arrector pilemuscle that causes goose bumps
cortexholds the bonds and hair color
cuticleprotects the hair; has an outer see-through layer
medullasometimes missing, middle layer of the hair
trichologystudy of hair
integumentbody system that includes skin, hair, & nails
hair porosityholes in the hair (how much water it can absorb)
hair elasticityhow much the hair will stretch
hair densitythick or thin (how many hairs per square in ch on scalp)
hair texturesize of each hair
eumelaninblack or brown pigment
pheomelaninblond or red pigment
c-o-h-n-selements in hair
melanincolor pigments
keratinprotein in skin and hair

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