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Water, Water, Water

aquiferan underground layer of rock that contains water
aquiferrural communities drill wells to get their water from these
desalinationprocess of removing salt from ocean water to make it drinkable
freshwater3% of all water on Earth
glaciers and ice capscontain 2/3rds of all freshwater
groundwaterabout 1/3rd of the freshwater
glacierslow moving river of ice
hydrosphereall the water on the Earth
oceanographerscientist who studies the oceans
one percentthe amount of all the water on Earth useable by mankind
permeablerock that has spaces where water can be stored
reservoira large lake used by cities to store drinking water
salinitythe amount of salt in saltwater
watercovers about 75% of the Earth
world oceanthe one giant ocean that covers the Earth
NaClscientific name for salt found in oceans
3.5%the salinity of ocean water

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