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Ovid- Deucalion and Pyrrha(1)

Vocab to line 338.

ferax, -acisfruitful, fertile
fero, ferre, tuli, latumto bring, carry
subitus,-a, -umsudden, unexpected
vertex,-icis (m)highest point, summit
supero,-are,-avi, -atumconquer, defeat, surpass
cacumen, -inis (n)peak, summit
torus, -i (m)marriage, bed
ratis, -is (f)boat, raft
fatidicus,-a, -umprophetic
palus,-udis (f)swamp, marsh
exsto,-are, -steti, -statumstand forth, exist, appear
mulceo, -ere, -mulsi, mulsumstroke, caress, soothe
concha, -ae (f)shell, shellfish, trumpet
innatus,-a, -uminborn, natural, innate
murex, -icis (m)purple shell-fish
cavus,-a, -umhollow
bucina, -ae (f)trumpet, horn, bugle
pontus, -i (m)sea
repleo, -ere, -evi, -etumrefill, replace

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