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SAT Words - Chapter 1-3 Bromberg Book

Hot Words for the SAT - Chapters 1-3 Bromberg Book

aberration (noun)off the right path
abstinence (noun)giving up pleasures
abstract (adj)theoretical
abstract (noun)summary
acclaim (noun)approval
acquesce (verb)to accept, to consent by keeping silent
admonish (verb)to advise against
advocate (verb)to support, in favor of
advocate (noun)a person who supports a particular cause
aesthetic (adj)showing appreciation of beauty in nature
affinity (noun)natural attraction of a person or thing
aggrandizement (noun)an increase in rank, growth in power
alienate (verb)to turn away, to estrange
alleviate (verb)to make easier to endure, to diminish
aloof (adj)indirrerent, not interested, apart
altruistic (adj)thoughtful of the welfare of others
ambiguous (adj)more than one intrepretation, not clearly defined
ambivalence (noun)condition of having conflicting attitudes
ameliorate (verb)to make better, to improve
analogous (adj)similar in certain qualities, comparable
animosity(noun)active dislike, ill will
anonymity (noun)condition of being nameless or unknown
antagonism (noun)hostility, active opposition
antithesis (noun)direct opposite
apochryphal (adj)of doubtful authenticity
arduous (adj)hard to do
articulate (adj)able to put one thoughts into words
assuage (verb)to calm or soothe, to satisfy
atrophy (verb)to waste away
augment (verb)to increase, to get bigger
austere (adj)stern in manners, strict in morals
authoritarian (noun or adj)a person who supports the principal of subject to authority instead of individual freedom

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