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African Cultures & Ancient Egypt

Terms for Chapters 4-6

man remembered for carrying Jesus’ crossSimon of Cyrene
“Father of History” and “gift of the Nile"Herodotus
Mogul empireBabar
ruler of the Mali EmpireMansa Musa
Egyptian teenage pharaohTutankhamen
first emperor of united ChinaShih Huang Ti
large, stepped platformziggarut
ruling familydynasty
Egypt's first female ruled Egypt jointly with her nephewHatshepsut
a region of the Middle East with rich soil and wheat fieldsFertile Crescent
emperor in feudal JapanMikado
the largest in EgyptPharaoh Cheops’ pyramid
"highway” that linked China to the Roman worldGreat Silk Road
largest rift in the earth’s surfaceGreat Rift Valley
tomb for a Mogul’s ruler’s wifeTaj Mahal
territories that seceded from India to become a dependent statesPakistan and Bangladesh
warrior or knight on feudal JapanSamurai
Southeast Asian countries that give some measure of freedom to their peopleMalaysia, Singapore and the Philippines
help solve the riddle of Egyptian writingThe Rosetta Stone
Under Alexander’s empireEgypt was given to general Ptolemy to rule
established the largest continental empire in historyGenghis Khan
The most important book in the history of EgyptBook of the Dead
missionariesFrumentius and Edasius
oldest surviving religion in JapanShinto
first made paperChina
India’s “Golden age”Guptas dynasty
Africa’s largest desertSahara Dessert
Africa’s longest lakeLake Tanganyika
Japan’s highest mountainMount Fuji
Africa’s highest mountainMount Kilimanjaro
Africa’s largest lakeLake Victoria
longest river in the worldNile River
religion founded by Sidhartha GautamaBuddhism
founder of Japanese civilizationPrince Shotoku
decipher the hieroglyphics on the Rosetta StoneFrenchman Champollion
Maurya empireAsoka
African trading center and a famous center for learning and cultureTimbuktu
African city and a center for African life and one of the great cities of the Arab worldCairo
1st pharaoh of the united Upper and Lower EgyptMenes
greatest contributions to civilization in the field of mathematicsAncient India

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