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Geometry-Ms. Moore

Chapter 3 Vocabulary Review

acute triangleall angles less than 90 degrees
adjacent interior anglesangle within a triangle that's next to the exterior angle
base of a trianglethe bottom side
collinear pointsthree in a row form a line
conclusionthe ending statement in a proof
coordinate planex-y axis and all points on them
equiangular triangleall three angles are equal
equilateral triangleall three sides are equal
exterior angleformed by extending one side of the triangle
given facts in a proof that you begin with
indirect reasoninglist all the possible solutions, then show that all but one are impossible
isosceles triangletwo sides are equal
noncollinear pointspoints not on the same line
obtuse triangleone angle is greater than 90 degrees
ordered pair point on the (x,y) plane
originpoint of interesection on a plane (0,0)
parallel linestwo lines that run next to each other and never cross
postulatestatement assumed to be true in all cases
remote interior anglesthe sum of two remote interior angles equals the exterior angle
right triangleone angle equals 90 degrees
scalene trianglenone of the sides are equal
slash mark (tick mark)shows equal angles or sides
theoremstatement found true in all cases due to deductive reasoning
trianglefigure consisting of 3 noncollinear points and their connecting line segments
triangle inequalitythe difference of the sides < x < the sum of the sides
two-column proofstatements in one column and the reasons in another
x-coordinate the first number in an ordered pair; runs horizontal
y-coordinatethe second number in an ordered pair; runs vertical

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