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Daedalus & Icarus Vocabulary

perodi, perodisse, perosusto hate greatly
pelagus, -i, n.the sea
licet + subjunctivealthough
obstruo, obstruere (3), obstruxi, obstructusto bar access to , to bar off
illacby that route
possideo, possidere, possedi, possessusto take possession of, to take control of
ordo, ordinis, m.row, line; arrangement
clivus, i, m.incline, slope
linum, -i, n.thread
alligo (1)to bind
curvamen, curvaminis, n.curvature, arc
renideo, renidereto beam (with pleasure), to shine
vagus, -a, -umshifting, moving
flavus, -a, -umyellow
limes, limitis, m.course, route; boundary
aduro, adurere (3), adussi, adustusto scorch
celsus, -a, -umhigh, lofty
strictus, -a, -umdrawn
pariterat the same time
monitus, us, m.advice, warning

Ms. Haddad

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