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Word of the Day - List II

Mr. Calaway's 8th Gr. Literature Classes
Vocabulary Practice

delineateto describe accurately; draw in outline
nefariousevil; flagrantly wicked
vernaculareveryday speech; slang
brawnbig muscles; great strength
toutto brag publicly; praise highly
enhanceto improve; intensify
hindranceobstruction; annoying interference
effaceto erase; rub away features
gluttonone who consumes a great deal or withstands something
hiatusa break or interruption (from work)
querulousgrumbling; whining;disagreeable
engenderto create; cause to happen; bring into existance
obliterateto destroy entirely; remove all signs
copiousabundant; plentiful
obscureunclear. confusing, hard to understand
extolto praise or laud
pugnaciousready/eager to fight; aggressive; quarrelsome
quellput an end to (by force)
artisanworker in a skilled trade (esp. making things by hand)
kindleto burn or ignite; arouse or inspire
corroborateto support; confirm
amorousfull of love; relating to love
decorousin goo taste; proper
expediteto speed up
idylliccharming in a rustic way; naturally peaceful
juxtaposeto place side by side
incandescentbright; giving off light
exasperateto thoroughly annoy
discordantdisagreeing; quarrelsome; in conflict
volatileevaporating quickly; unstable
distendto swell; to enlarge
fecundfertile; productive
sagewise person; to be wise through experience/reflectionh
vacuouslacking ideas or intelligence; empty
derideto treat contemptuously; to ridicule
assailto attack with words or force
benevolentkind, generous
scrutinizeto look very carefully; examine
histrionicoverly dramatic; theatrical
didacticintended to teach; morally instructive
bucolicrural or rustic; country-like; charminly rural
pretentiousshowy; self important
gullibleeasily cheated, fooled or deceived
convivialsociable; fond of partying
discreetunnoticeable; thoughtfully reserved; sneaky
discreteseparate; unconnected; distinct
fabricatemake up something artificial or untrue
gesticulatemake gestures with hands (esp. when talking)
laudto praise or applaud
belaborgo over repeatedly or to an absurd extent
reiterateto say again; repeat
conflagrationlarge destructive fire; inferno
induceto persuade; cause to happen; stimulate
soporifictending to cause sleep; inducing sleep
anarchydisorder; lawlessness; without government
stridentharsh-sounding; shrill
nonchalancecool confidence; casual indifference
malleableeasy to shape or bend; easy to alter or influence
ludicrousridiculous; foolish; absurd; laughable
abridgeto shorten or condense
lethargylack of energy; lazinesss
reconditeprofound;hard to understand
conspicuousvery noticable; attracting attention
archaicancient; outdated
imminentjust about to happen; impending
predatoryvictimizing or destroying others for self gain
coalescegrow together; unite; fuse
exaltglorify or raise high
extraneousunnecessary; extra
incantationa chant
assuagesoothe; pacify; relieve; ease pain
insuperableunable to be overcome/conquered; overwhelming
assiduoushardworking; diligent; busy
indulgentlenient; yielding to desire
avaricegreed; extreme desire for wealth
squanderwaste, misspend; fritter away
penuriousmiserly or stingy
debunkexpose as nonsense
eccentricirregular; unconventional
dessicatedry out; dehydrate
diversedifferent; varied
loquaciousoverly talkative
maudlintearfully or weakly emotional
farcicalabsurd; ludicrous; resembling farce
vibrantvigorous; energetic; vital
virulentpoisonous; noxious; lethal
contemptuousdisdainful; scornful; feeling contempt
enigmamystery; puzzle
lucidclear; easy to understand
repudiatedisavow; revoke; annul
superficialon the surface; narrow-minded
primordialbeginning; original; first formed
mellifluoussweet sounding; musical
provincialparochial; limited in outlook
contriteapologetic; penitent; remorseful
incessantnonstop; without interruption
foibleminor character flaw
laceratetear roughly; mangle; distress mentally or emotionally

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