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Animation Station Unit General Test Review with Matching, Concentration, etc.

Using your Technology Interaction books, notes, and other knowledge about animation, answer the following questions or complete the statement.

storyboardseries of rough sketches that plan the action for an animated feature
scriptthe plan for dialogue and sound effects in an animated feature
celluloida piece of plastic used to create individual frames of action; an older type of animation
CGIcomputer generated imagery
persistence of visionthe brain receives images from the eyes faster than it can process them and they blur
key framessignal the beginning and ending of an action sequence in computer animation
primitivethe type of animation that uses basic geometric shapes
modelthe type of animation that uses 3-D puppets
flip-bookthe simplest animation device consisting of several pages of paper that are slightly different drawings that when flipped through simulate movement
claymationanimators used this technique to create Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and the California Raisins
layout artistdecide how characters in an animated film look and act
animatoractually draw the characters for an animated film
exposure sheettells how many frames are needed for each line or word of dialogue
background artistdraws everything for an animated film except the characters
sketches and dialoguethe main parts of a storyboard
three basic animation typeshand-drawn, model, computer
shading programsadds texture and color to objects simulating real wood, glass, and metal in animations
lighting programsadds depth, light, and shadows to animations
renderingtransfer final images/sequences to video, film, CD, or DVD
animation softwareis capable of creating middle frames of action when given the key frames
Microsoft Paintdrawing program you used to create each frame
Microsoft PowerPointpresentation program you used to assemble your frames to simulate movement
clip artalready created pictures you used to create first animations

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