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CLC Stage 14 Derivatives

ubiquitous (adj) (ubi)existing everywhere
deleterious (adj) (deleō)harmful; detrimental
diligence (noun) (diligenter)persevering effort and care
fidelity (noun) (fidēlis)faithfulness; loyalty
confide (verb) (fidēlis)to trust; tell secrets to
indecorous (adj) (decorus)improper conduct; inappropriate
marital (adj) (marītus)relating to a married state; relating to the husband
regal (adj) (rēx, rēgem)kingly; relating to a king; splendid
regicide (noun) (rēx, rēgem)killing a king
deify (verb) (deus)to make a god
deity (noun) (deus)a god
cotidian (adj) (cotīdiē)daily
ignoble (adj) (nōbilis)of low birth; humble; inferior

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