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Logical Fallacy Quiz Practice

Although some of the logical fallacies may seem to fit into more than one category, for the test, I will accept only the answers below.

My friend said her Spanish class was hard, and the one I'm in is hard, too. All Spanish classes must be hard.hasty generalization
We should abolish the death penalty. Many respected people, such as actor Guy Handsome, have publicly stated their opposition to it.argument ad verecundiam
Either support Meech Lake or Quebec will separatefalse dilemma
You should not find the defendant guilty of murder, since it would break his family’s heart to see him sent to jail.argument ad misericordiam
In both of the murder mysteries I have read, the District Attorney was the culprit. All mystery writers like to make lawyers out to be villains.hasty generalization
The only people who believe in a strong military are rednecks with an I.Q. under 80.argument ad hominem
If you can't see for yourself that I am the best qualified person for the job, then perhaps my lawyer would be able to convince you.argument ad metum
Wow, the teachers at this school are tough! I took a course from Thompson and only got a C, even though I worked really hard!hasty generalization
We must have a poltergeist in the house. When the dog ran under the table the vase just seemed to jump off the shelf all by itself.non sequitur
Either you are for me or against me.false dilemma
If the mill were polluting the river then we would see an increase in fish deaths. And fish deaths have increased. Thus, the mill is polluting the river.non sequitur
Blood is thicker than water.platitude
Noted psychologist Dr. Frasier Crane recommends that you buy the EZ-Rest Hot Tub.argument ad verecundiam
You can't believe Jack when he says there is a God because he doesn't even have a job.argument ad hominem
No true American would say that.jingoism
Kids will be kids.platitude
In 1984, Denver city officials asked residents to leave their cars home one day a week. That is why Denver is the best place to live.non sequitur
They accuse us of making unjustified assertions. But they asserted a lot of things, too!argument tu quoque
More and more people are buying trucks.. Isn't it time you bought one, too?argument ad populum
I would support the President with the War in Iraq, but I don't like his policy on the herring
George Bernard Shaw was a great playwright because he wrote a number of superb plays.circular reasoning
My doctor must be smart because she made it through medical school.circular reasoning
Disarmament is necessary becasue we need to limit the supply of dangerous weapons.circular reasoning
I hate my night class because I am never happy when I am there.circular reasoning
Senator Jones says that we should not fund the attack submarine program. I can't understand why he wants to leave us defenseless like that.Straw man
Life can be beautiful if you take the time to stop and smell the roses.platitude
Pamela is the class secretary. She says that she thinks that the class should do more service projects. Mark says he can't believe that Pamela doesn't support the annual school dance.Straw man
Stanley: “I don’t think children should play on busy streets.” Livingston: “I don’t think we should be confining children inside all the time.”Straw man
Prisoners released on parole always commit more crimes.hasty generalization
Jim Miller’s illogical plan does not make any sense.circular reasoning
Karen tells her daughter Angie to eat her vegetables. Angie replies, “You won’t be happy until I’m a vegetarian.”Straw man
Tony wants us to believe that the origin of life was an “accident.” Tony is a godless SOB who has spent more time in jail than in church, so the only information we should consider from him is the best way to make license plates.argument ad hominem
You can't believe Jack when he says there is a God because he doesn't even have a job.argument ad hominem

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