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Science Review

mitosisprocess to produce two new nucleir
asexual reproductionreproduction by one parent
meosisprocess by which sex cells are made.
fertilizationjoining of egg and sperm
sexual reproductionreproduction by two parents
sex cellscontain half the number of chromosones as the parent cell
hereditaryoffspring looking like or resembling your parents
dominant genea gene that prevents the expression of another gene
recessive genea gene whose expression is prevented
adaptationa trait or charcteristic that helps the animal survive
camoflaugeenables an anamal to blend in with surroundings
protective resemblancelooks like an object in the enviroment
behaviorall of an organisms actions
behavioral adaptationaction that aids survival
evolutionprocess of change over time
selective breedingmating plants or animals for desired traits
structual adaptationbody part that aids survival
traitcharacteristic of an organism
zygoteafter the egg and sperm join the new cell is formed
Charles Darwinenglish naturalist who studied animals in their natural habitat

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