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Chapter 12 Vocabulary Flash Cards

Carrier wavespecific frequency that a radio station is assigned and uses to broadcast signals
Cathode-ray tubesealed vacuum tube that produces one or more beams of electrons that produce an image when they strike the coating on the inside of a TV screen
Electromagnetic waveWaves created by vibrating electric charges, can travel through a vacuum or through matter, and have a wide variety of frequencies and wavelengths
Gamma raysElectromagnetic wave with no mass and no charge that travels at the speed of light and is usually emitted with alpha or beta particles from a decaying atomic nucleus, Greatest frequency electromagnetic wave
Global Positioning SystemA system of satellites and ground monitoring stations that enable a receiver to determine its location at or above Earth's surface
Infrared wavesElectromagnetic waves that have a wavelength between about 1 mm and 750 billionths of a meter, has wavelengths just longer than visible light
MicrowavesRadio waves with wavelengths of between about 1 m and 1 mm, just shorter wavelengths than typical Radio Waves
PhotonParticle that electromagnetic waves sometimes behave like; has energy that increases as the frequency of the electromagnetic wave increases
Radiant energyEnergy carried by an electromagnetic wave
Radio wavesElectromagnetic waves with wavelengths longer than about 1mm, longest wavelength electromagnetic wave
TransceiverDevice that transmits one radio signal and receives another radio signal at the same time, allowing a cordless phone user to talk and listen at the same time
Ultraviolet wavesElectromagnetic waves lengths between about 400 billionths and 10 billionths of a meter, next shortest wavelength to visible light
Visible lightElectromagnetic waves with wavelengths of 750 to 400 billionths of a meter that can be detected by human eyes
X raysElectromagnetic waves with wavelengths between about 10 billionths of a meter and 10 trillionths of a meter, that are often used for medical imaging of bones

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