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murkydark, gloomy, cheerless
irrevocablecannot be revoked or undone
victimizerthe person who hurts someone (the bully in this case)
adjudicatingmaking a decision (being a judge)
allianceemerging of efforts or interests by families, groups, countries, etc.
vindictivewanting revenge
facilitateto make easier or less difficult; help something run smoothly
incivilitybeing obnoxious, rude, boorish
conflagrationa destructive fire (typically it's a physical fire but it can be figuratively too)
taunt/hectoredTo reproach or challenge in a mocking or insulting manner; to tease someone
social hierarchycliques; degrees of popularity, wealth, and power
chicken and egg qualitywhich came first, the chicken or the egg; (what happened to the bully to cause him/her to lash out)
diagnostic definitionwhy people are doing it

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