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Ancient Greece

Words that connect with ancient greece vocabulary words and essays

BCBefore Christ, time
ADAnno Domini-Latin for the year of the Lord- time
Inset Mapsmall map set into a larger one
Asia Minorsmaller Asia- present day Turkey
Bronze Age peoplemade weapons, tools and jewelry from Bronze
Alpha Betaalphbet- comes from greek letters
ZeusKing of gods
Apollogod of the sun
Homerblind poet who wrote the Illiad
OdysseyOdysseus journey home
Olympicsevery 4 years best male athletes
democracyAtheans government ruled by the people
30 yearsGolden Age of Greece
Acropolishill where temple located
Parthenontemple built to honor Athena
Phidiasfamous sculptor
Sappofamous woman poet
Herodotusfirst historian
Alexanderdied age of 32 from a fever
philosopherlover of wisdom
Socratesphilosopher Great Questioner
Aristotlefirst scientist
Iranancient Persia
Euclidwrote about geometry (math)
tributemoney paid to a conqueror
XerxesPersian king
DariusPersian king

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