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Ben's Erosion Review

chemical weatheringweathering that involves changes in the chemical makeup of rocks
mecahnical weatheringweathering that does not involve the chemical makeup of rocks
exfoliationthe breaking of rocks off of curved sheets or slabs parallel to a rock's surface due to weathering
abrasionthe wearing away of a substance by solid particles carried by wind, water, or other forces
oxidationthe process in which oxygen chemicallly combines with another substance
dunesbuilt up sand blown by wind (mostly happens in deserts and beaches
windwind can carry and deposit rock and soil particles based on its speed
running waterwater carries rock and soil particles and wears them away by hitting each other
root-prythe breaking apart of rocks caused by the growth of plant roots
gravitygravity pulls rocks down cliffs causing them to break whent they hit other rocks
organic activityplants and other living things
waterwater can dissolve most of the minerals that holds a rock together
temperaturerocks expand in heat and contract in cold this wears away at the rock
frost actionrocks can break apart by water freezing and expanding in the cracks
erosionthe process by which the products of weathering are moved from one place to the next
run-offrun-off is the rock or soil particles carried by running water
drainage systemthe network of streams and running water that drain into a main river
drainage basinthe area drained bya main river and its channels
flood plainsa flat area made by water when it floods over the rivers embankment
deltaa formation of sediments deposited at the mouth of a large river into a ocean
rilla small stream
guillea deeper wider rill
streamsare larger guilles that can carry a large amounts of sediments
riversrivers are larger than streams that can carry a large of sediments
glaciersa large mass of moving ice and snow

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