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Spinning motion of the earth on its axis as it travels through spaceRotation
Provinces known for "grains and trains"Prairie
Two times a year when sun appears directly overhead either of Tropics at noonSolstice
Farmland owned collectively by members of a rural communityEjidos
Imaginary lines running north and south between the polesLongitude
Weather patterns in a region over a long period of timeClimate
Wind-blown, small particles of mineral-rich dust and siltLoess
Quebec's main cultureFrench
System of government where one person or a small group hold all power and often use terror to rule its peopleDictatorship
Region of the US known for its varied landscapeWest
Trees bearing their seeds in cones; able to survive cold, long wintersConiferous
Either of the two times each year when the sun appears overhead the Equator at noonEquinox
A multilayered band of gases, water vapor, and dust above the earthAtmosphere
A large commercial farm owned by an individual or farming companyLatifundios
System of government where the people choose their leaders and determine government policy based on the will of the majorityDemocracy
Region known as the "breadbasket" of the USMidwest
One complete orbit of the earth around the sunRevolution
System of government controlling every part of societyTotalitarianism
Trees shedding their leaves in one seasonDeciduous
Spanish-owned estate run as a farm or cattle ranchHacienda
A system of authoritarian government headed by a king or queen who usually inherits his/her positionMonarchy
Factories along the Mexican/US border that employ cheap labor to produce goods for US consumersMauiladoras
5 themes of GeographyHuman-Environment interaction, Location, Movement, Place, Regions
Measured North and South between poles (left to right)Latitude
Range of degrees of Latitude0-90 degrees
Longitude type of circlesHalf circles
Latitude type of circlesCircles
Latitude lines parallel or notParallel
Longitude lines parallel or notNot Parallel
What does the prime meridian run throughGreenwich, England
23 1/2 degrees NorthTropic of Cancer
23 1/2 degrees SouthTropic of Capricorn
Winter Solstice DateDecember 21
Summer Solstice DateJune 21
Vernal Equinox DateMarch 21
Autumnal Equinox DateSeptember 21
Longest day of the yearSummer Sostice
Shortest day of the yearWinter Solstice
Place of sun during the Summer SolsticeOver Tropic of Cancer
Place of sun during the Winter SolsticeOver Tropic of Capricorn
Lines measured East and West of the Prime MeridianLongitude
3 types of percipitationConvectional, Orographic and Frontal
The most common type of percipitationFrontal
The type of percipitation of the TropicsConvectional
The type of percipitation having to do with Leeward and WindwardOrographic
The direction the wind blows North of the Equator using the Coriolis EffectRight
The direction wind deflects South of the Equator using the Coriolis EffectLeft
4 Elements of Air Pressure1) Warm air rises, cold air sinks 2) Rising air, low pressure and sinking air has high pressure 3) Air moves from High Pressure to Low Pressure 4) To precipitate most have rising air
Northern Latitude CircleArctic Circle
Southen Latitude CircleAntarctic Circle
ConvectionCircular movement of Heat underneath the Earth's Crust
4 Vegetation RegionsForest Regions, Grasslands, Desert Vegetation, Tundra
American GovernmentDemocracy
American EconomyCapalist
American secondary governmentFederalist
Mid-WestBread Basket
North-WestDistinct feature fish and wood
North-EastTrash, Megalopolis, harbors and ports
SouthSwamp, Bayou, Rice, Cotton, Tobacco, Big Shift is big companies
Canada # of provinces and territories10 provinces, and 2 territories
Canadian Atlantic ProvincesSea therefore Fishing
Canadian Quebec ProvincesGreat Lakes, St. Lawrence River
Canadian Prairie ProvincesGrains, Trains, Cattle
British Columbia ProvincesMountains
Northern Territory ProvincesLots of good stuff but we can't get to it bacause tundra would be ruined
Inuit"The People"
Mexican Northern Pacific PlainHot, Dry, Irrigation, Best farming
Mexican Southern Pacific PlainTourism Beaches
Mexican Gulf Coastal PlainOil and petroleum
Yucatan PeninsulaTourism, Mayan Ruins
Shifting Plates ReasonConvection

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