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Rocks & Mineral Quiz

A matching game

Rocka hard subtance composed of one or more minrals or minerallike subtances
Igneousformed from molten rock
Sedimentaryformed by the compacting and cementing of sediment or by non-igneous process at the Erath's surface
Sedimentparticles or organic materials that have been carried along and deposited by water and/ or wind
Metamorphicchanged in form as a result of chemical reactions, heat, and/ or pressure
Rock Cyclethe interrelated processthat cause thecontinuous changing of rocks from one to another
Extrusive Rockan igneous rock formed from lava crystallized at the surface of the Earth
Intrusive Rockan igneous rock formed from magma
Clastic Rocka sedimentry rock formed from fragments of previously existing rocks
Organic Rocka sedimentry rock that is formed either directly or indirectly from material that was once living
Chemical Rocka non-clastic sedimentry rock formed by inorganic processes such as evaportion
Metamorphismthe process in which metamorphic rock is formed


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