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Computer Science Random Stuff

Interneta network of networks
World Wide Weblinks pages to other pages, isn't the Internet
HTMLHyper Text Markup Language, describes gow a web page looks
URLUniform Resource Locator, is the whole Internet Address
Top Down Compositionbreak a big problem into smaller subproblems
Algorithma step by step plan that solves a problem
Sound Process1) Sampling, what time interval, need 40,000/sec to accurately re-create a sound 2) Quantization, assign a number at each interval
Operating Systema collection of programs that interface between the hardware of a computer and the users and software
Graphical User InterfaceWindows
Character Based InterfaceMS-DOS
Multi-TaskingSeveral programs can use the CPU at the same time
Multi-Processingmore than one processor
Multi-Usermore than one user
Authenticationensures you are who you say you are
Access Controldetermines what a person can access, security clearance, control lists, etc
Encryptionsmix a key with a plaintext to produce cipher text
methods of encryptionone time pad, public key cryptography, digital signatures, etc

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