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Civil War

dates, and info on the Civil War

Civil War started... April 12, 1861
The president of the U.S. during this time was.. Abraham Lincoln
What was the first state to sucede South Carolina
Where did the CIVIL WAR end?Richmond
Civil War ended..... April 9,1865
The Gettysburg Adress was... November 19, 1863
Where did the Civil War begin? Fort Sumter
How many soldiers died in the battle of Antietam 24,000
When did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclaimation? January 1,1863
Who was Dorthea Dix?Superintendent of Nurses of the Union
Who was Clara Barton?founder of the American Red Cross
How many people died or got wounded in Gettysburg?40,000
What was the last battle? Petersburg
What battle did Lee and Jackson defeat the Union? Chancellorsville
What was the Confederate's ship name? Merrimac
What wasa the Union's ships name? Monitor


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