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Earth Science - Water Cycle

PrecipitationThe process of water returning to the Earth’s surface in form of rain
EvaporationHeat from the sun causing moisture to escape the surface of the ocean and rise
CondensationProcess where water droplets collect on small particles in the atmosphere as they cool
CloudFormed through the condenstaion of water droplets in the Bergeron Process
Water CycleThe process where water is continually changed and reused
Condensation NucleiThe small particles that clouds can form around and water droplets can collect on
InfiltrationThe movement of water from the surface to underground
GroundwaterWater found underground and is part of the water table and other underground features
PermeabilityThe ability of a material to move water through it
PorosityThe amount of holes and open spaces in rock or soil
GeyserA hot spring or fountain that ejects water from underground at intervals
AquiferRock and soil that easily allows water to move through it and can hold much water
Artesian WellA naturally occuring underground well that brings water above the water table
Water TableThe upper level of the grounds saturated zone where groundwater is found
SaturationWhen an object gains the maximum amount of water it can hold at a temperature

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