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Earth Science - Atmosphere and Air Quality

ozone layerLayer of the stratosphere that protects the Earth from UV radiation.
albedoAmount of light that is reflected back by the surface.
exosphereUpper part of the thermosphere that is the beginning of space; is where satellites orbit.
troposphereLower most layer of the atmosphere; it is where we live and where the weather takes place.
radiationTransfer of energy (heat) through space by electromagnetic waves.
conductionTransfer of heat through matter by direct contact.
auroraBursts of light created by the collisions of solar particles with gases in the magnetosphere.
scatteringThe redirecting of light by small particles and gas molecules in the atmosphere.
thermosphereRegion of the atmosphere right above the mesosphere; it is the warmest layer.
magnetosphereHighly magnetized region around Earth that extends beyond the atmosphere.
stratosphereThe second layer of the atmosphere; it contains the ozone layer and is where jets fly.
convectionTransfer of heat by the movement of a liquid or gas.
reflectionLight bounces back from an object at the same angle at which it encounters a surface and with the same intensity.
mesosphereThird layer of Earth’s atmosphere; it is the coldest layer and where meteoroids burn up.
ionosphereLower part of the thermosphere that contains many electrically charged particles important for communication.

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