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Latin 1B: Stage 15 B Derivatives

Here are a few English derivatives you can review from all of the vocabulary from Stage 15. Do you know any Spanish ones? Tell me and I'll add them.

undulateto rise and fall like a wave (unda=wave)
inundatedflooded, swamped, overwhelmed (unda=wave)
invincibleunbeatable (vinco=I conquer)
impedeto obstruct (impedio=I hinder, delay)
commiserateto sympathize (miser=sad, miserable)
aqueductconduit for carrying water (aqua=water)
accomodateto be suitable for (commodus = convenient)
aquaticliving or growing in water (aqua = water)
saxifrageplants growing in rocky places (saxum = rock)
miserablewretched (miser = wretched)

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