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identifying decimal numbers

one and 17 hundredths1.17
twenty four and six thousandths24.006
four hundred six and one tenth406.1
one thousand, three hundred six and eleven thousandths1 306.011
one hundred twenty-six thousand, five hundred twenty-one and four hundred fifty-six thousandths126 521.456
thirteen and two thousandths13.002
one hundred fourty-seven and four hundred three thousandths147.403
two thousand, five hundred eighty-seven and one hundred twenty-three thousandths2 587.123
one hundred twenty-seven and twelve hundredths127.12
thirteen and thirteen hundredths13.13
thirteen and thirteen thousandths13.013
nineteen and five hundred thousandths19.500
five hundred eighty-nine and twenty hundredths589.20
seventy and seven thousandths70.007
three hundred one and two hundred twenty-five thousandths301.225
one hundred twenty and seven hundredths120.07
seven hundred ninety-five and six hundred fifty-four thousandths795.654
seven hundred eighty-nine and fifty-one hundredths789.51
fourty-six and eight hundred eighty-seven thousandths46.887
fourty-four and four hundred fourty-four thousandths44.444

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