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Rangiora High School Classics revision activity - Alexander the Great: key people

Revision games for Year 13 Classics students studying the Alexander the Great topic at Rangiora High School

The name of the Persian royal familyAchaemenid
Alexander restored this defeated opponent's kingdom to himPorus
Name of the Spartan king who led a revolt against Macedonia in 331; he was killed in battleAgis III
The mother of AlexanderOlympias
This man was Alexander's official historian (and possibly the world's first spin-doctor)Callisthenes
Alexander very close friend who died in 324, possibly from excessive drinking. Alexander was overcome with griefHephaestion
The son of Parmenio, he was found guilty of plotting against Alexander and executed -possibly by stoning to deathPhilotas
This man was killed by Alexander shortly after Alexnder claimed the throne; he was Philip's son-in-lawAmyntas
Assassinated in 336 by PausaniusPhilip II
This famous Athenian orator made a series of savage speches condeming Philip II and MacedoniaDemosthenes
he saved Alexander's life at the battle of the Granicus; years later Alexander killed him in a drunken brawlCleitus the Black
The father of Roxanne and an important leader in SogdiaOxyartes
One of the oldest and ablest of the macedonian generals; murdered on Alexander's orders after Alexander executed his son, PhilotasParmenio
The "Great King" of Persia at the time of Alexander's invasion of the Persian empireDarius III
Corrupt treasurer of Alexander's empire; eventually fled to Athens with money.mercenaries and womenHarpalus
He killed Darius III & briefly claimed the Persian throne before being captured & executedBessus
Admiral of the fleet for AlexanderNearchus
Roman historian who wrote about Alexander using some primary sources now lostPlutarch
A general & friend of Alexander who after the latter's death set up a dynasty in EgyptPtolemy
A Sogdian leader who rebelled against Alexander's rule but was eventually killedSpitamenes

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