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Physics word search

Locate physics terms according to their definitions.

InelasticType of collision in which the objects lock together after the interaction
PowerRate of doing work or using energy
ForcePush or pull
GeosynchronousType of orbit in which a satellite over the Earth's equator is synchronized with the Earth's rate of rotation
KineticEnergy associated with the speed of an object
NormalForce that a surface exerts on an object
FusionProcess in which 2 light nucei combine to form a heavier, more stable nucleus
PositronAntiparticle of the electron
PotentialEnergy associated with the position of an object
AphelionMaximum distance between a planet and the Sun
CentripetalForce which produces circular motion
QuarkSubatomic particle that makes up protons and neutrons
GravityForce which holds planets in their orbits
ParallelCircuit containing more than one path for electrons
PerigeeMinimum distance between a satellite and the Earth
LongitudinalType of wave in which the particles of the medium oscillate parallel to the direction of wave travel
FrequencyThe number of waves that pass a given point each second
CurrentRate of charge flow
PeriodTime for one complete revolution
TransverseType of wave in which the particles of the medium oscillate perpendicular to the direction of wave travel
InertiaObject's resistance to a change in motion
EnergyAbility to do work
AccelerationChange in velocity per unit time
CrestHighest point on a wave
FissionProcess in which a heavy nucleus is split into 2 lighter, more stable nuclei
SeriesType of circuit in which the electrons have only one path to travel

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