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Vergil 4.198-218

excubiae, -ārum (f)keeping watch, vigil; guard, sentinel, sentry
cruor, cruōris (m)blood, gore; bloodshed
flōrens, flōrentisflowering, flowery; brilliant, colorful
rūmor, rūmōris (m)gossip, rumor
amārus, -a, -umbitter, harsh
supīnus, -a, -umupturned, face up, turned palms upward
epulor, -ārī, -ātus sumto dine sumptuously, feast, banquet
exiguus, -a, -umsmall, slight, tiny, puny
sēmivir, -ī (m)half-man, effeminate, eunuch
comitātus, -ūs (m)escort, retinue; throng, attendent crowd
mentum, -ī (n)chin
mitra, -ae (f)eastern headdress with ribbons around the chin
madeō, madēreto be wet, dripping
pecus, pecudis (f)head of cattle; beast; sheep
solum, -ī (n)ground, soil
pinguis, pinquis, pinguefat, rich
serō, serere, seruī, sertusto join, connect; to entwine, wreathe
torus, torī (m)bed, couch
mentum, ī (n)chin
subnectō, subnectere, subnexī, subnexusto bind (one thing under another); fasten
lābor, lābī, lāpsus sumto slip, fall, stumble, glide

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