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Welding Vocabulary

This covers vocab you need to learn through this course.

AC or Alternating CurrentElectricity that reverses it's direction of electron flow in regular intervals
AcetyleneGas composed to two parts carbon and two parts hydogen, when burned with oxygen, produces on of the highest flame temperatures obtainable
Acetylene RegulatorDevice used to control flow of acetylene. Tegulartor reduces acetylene cylinder pressures to torch pressures and keeps pressures constant
Actual Throatshortest distance from root of weld to face of weld
AdhesionAct of sticking or clinging
AlloyPure metal that has additional metal or nonmetal elements added while molton.
AmpereUnit of electrical current.
ArcFlow of electricity through gaseous space or air gap
Arc blowwanderign of an electric arc from its normal path due to magnetic forces
Axis of weldImaginary line through the center of the weld metal from the beginning to end of weld
Backfire'Pop' of torch flame followed by extinguishing the flame or continued burning of gases
Base Metalmetal to be welded, cut or brazed
Beadappearance of the finished weld
Bevelangle cut on edge of base metal in weld to create a groove
BuildupThe amount that the weld face extends above the surface of the base metal
Butt JointTwo pieces are joined in the same plane, with the edge of one touching the edge of the other
Capillary ActionProperty of liquid to move into small spaces if it has the abiity to 'wet' those surfaces
CoalescenceIntermixing or growing together of materials into one body while being welded
CohesionSticking together through attraction of molecules
Concave weld faceA weld with the center of its face below the weld edges
ConductivityThe ability of a conductor to carry a current
ConductorSupstance capable of readily transmitting electricity or heat
ConeInner visible flame shape of a neutral or nearly neutral flame
Convex weldA weld with the face above the weld edges
Covered electrodeMetal rod used in arc welding, covering materials aid in arc welding
CrownThe curved or convex surface of a finished weld
DC or Direct CurrentElectric current that flows only in one direction
Depth of fusionDepth to which base metal is melted during welding
DiffusionSpreading of an element throughout a gas, liquid, or solid, so that all of it has the same composition
DiscontinuityAny abrupt change or break (crack, seams, laps, bumps or changes in density) in the shape or structure of a part. The usefulness of that part may or may not be affected
DistortionWarping of a part of a structure
DragThe offset distance between the actual and theoretical exit points of the cutting oxygen stream, measured on the exit side of that material
DuctilityThe ability of a material to be changed in shape without cracking or breaking
Edge jointA joint between the edges of two or more parallel parts
Effective throatOn a fillet weld: the least distance from the root of a weld to the weld face
ElectrodeTerminal point to which elecctricity os brought in the welding operation from which the arc is produced to do the welding. Usually melted and becomes part of the weld
ElectronOne of the fundamental parts of an atom that has a small negative electrical charge
Face of a weldExposed surace of the weld
Feed rateSpeed material moves through welding gun in a unit of time (MIG)
Filler metalMetal added when making a welded, brazed or soldered joint
Fillet weldMetal fused into a corner formed by two pieces of metal which are about 90 degrees to each other
Filter plateOptical material that protects eyes from ultraviolet, infrared and visible radiation
FlashImpact of eletric arc rays against himan eyes
Flashbackburning ack of gases into oxyfuel gas torch, hoses and possibly into regulator and cylinder: VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION
Flashback arrestorCheck valve installed between torch and welding hose to prevent flow of burning gas and oxygen ack into hoses and regulators
Flay position weldHorizontal weld on upper side of a horizontal surface
FluxMaterial used to prevent, dissolve, or help remove oxides and other undesirable surface substances
Front viewThe view on a working drawing that shows the greatest amount of detail about an object's shape and size
FusionIntimate mizing or combining of molten metals
Fusion FaceThe surface of the base metal which is melted during welding
GMAWArc welding using a continuously fed comsumable electrode and a shielding gas
GTAWArc welding using electrode and a shileding gas. The filler metal is added using a welding rod
Groove jointJoint that has one or both edges cut or machined to form a bevel. V, U, or J groove
Heat conductivityspeed and efficiency of heat energy movement through a substance
HeatMolecular energy of motion
HelmetProtective hood that fits welder's head with filtering lens through which welder can see arc safely
Incomplete FushionLess-than-complete fusion of weld material with the ase metal or with the preceding bead
Inert gasA gas which does not normally combine chmically wiht the base metal or filler metal
InterfaceSurface forms a common boundary between two bodies
JointLine or area where two peices are joined in an assembly
Joint penetrationDepth of weld metal and base metal fusion in welded joint
Lap JointJoint in whcih the edges of the two metal to be joined overlap
Neutral flameFlame resulting from combustion of perfect proportions of oxygen and welding gas.
Overhead positionWeld made on the underside of joint with the face of the weld in a horizontal position
PenetrationExtent to which the weld metal combines with the base metal, as measured from surface of the base metal
PlasmaTemporary physical condistion of a gas after it has been exposed to and has reacted to an extremely high temperature
PACMettal cutting process that uses an electric arc and fast flowing ionized gases (plasma arc cutting)
PolarityDirection of flow of electrons in a closed direct current welding circuit
PurgingPassing the proper gas through a system to ensure that there is no air or fereign sustances in the system
Root of weldThat part of the farthest from the sources of weld heat and/or from the side where filler metal is added
SMAWArc weldig process that melts and fuses metals using the heat of an arc between a covered electrode and base metal.
Short arcArc process that uses a low voltage
Spray arcGMAW process with an arc voltage high enough to continuously transfer the electrode metal across the arc in small globules
Tack weldSmall weld used to temporarily hold components together
T-JointJoint formed by placing on metal against another to form a T
Toe of weldJunction between the face of the weld and the base metal
UndercutDepression at the toe of the weld that is below the surface of the base metal
Vertical PositionType of weld in which the welding is done in a vertical seam on a vertical surface

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