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Chapter 22 section 2

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Imperialismpolicy of powerful contries that seek to control the economic and political affairs of weaker countries or regions
"White man's burden"feeling of many Europeans that it is their duty to spread their culture and religion
Captain Alfred Mahanargued that foreign trade was important to the growth of our nation--this required a stronger navy
Great White FleetUS navy ships which were all painted white
James Cookfound Hawaii for the Europeans
LiliuokalaniRegected the Hawaiian constitution, Gave up her throne when faced with US guns
Hawaii annexed1898
Hawaii became a state1959
Boxer RebellionChinese rebellion against freigners who were divding up China
John HaySecretary of State who urged the Open Door Policy with
Sphere of influencearea around a seaport where a nation had special trading privleges

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