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Middle Ages lesson 1 & 2

temperatemild in climate/temperture
deforestationcutting down the forest
navigableable to travel by boat or ship
Eurasialandmass of Europe & Asia
North SeaNorth of Europe/east of Britian
Seine RiverRiver in France flowing toward the English Channel
English ChannelChannel between France & England
Middle Agesperiod from 500 A.D. to 1400 A.D.
manorlarge self-sufficient estate
serfperson bound to work the manor
feudalisma way of organizing and governing society
lordnoble who owned the manor
fiefland given to the vassal for loyalty
vassalnoble given a manor by the lord for loyalty
guildan organization of trade or craft workers
Magna Cartadocument that limits the power of the king
CharlemagneKing of Franks 768-814 emperor of Rome 800-814
King John Isigned the Magna Carta in 1215
William the Conqueror1st Norman king of England 1066
AachenCapital of Charlemagne's empire
Normandyregion of Northwestern France
Englandon the southern part of Britain
mythtraditional or legendary story
chivalryrules and customs of Medieval knighthood
heroperson of curage admired for brave deeds

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