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Ch. 5 Microbiology Basics

Book: The Human Body and in Health and Illness By: Herlihy

BacteriaSingle-cell organisms classified as cocci, bacilli, and curved rods
CarrierA living organism that harbors a pathogen and acts as a source or infection
FungusPlantlike organisms such as mushrooms;
HelminthsParasitic worm
InfectionDisease caused by a pathogen
Normal floraA population os microorganisms that normally inhabit an area such as the skin, intestines, or vagina
Nosocomial infectionHospital-acquired infection
ParasitesAn organism that requires another living organism
PathogensDisease-causing organism
ProtozoaSingle-cell animal-like microbe;
RichettsiaType of small bacteria that must reproduce in a living organism
SporesAn encasement that allows the organism to withstand harsh environmental conditions
VectorA carrier of pathogens from host to host
VirusesPieces of DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein shell

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