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3, Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure

motionsa proposal or an item of business on which the group is to make decisions
reconsiderallows a group to reconsider the vote on a motion and brings the motion back again before the chapter for consideration
pertinent factstell members whether a motion is debatable, amendable, and what type of vote is necessary to approve the motion
fix the time to which to adjourna proposal or an item of business on which the group is to make a descision
adjourncloses the meeting
recessallows quick breaks for the group
question of privilegemotion that deals with issues of personal privilege or privileges affecting the assembly
lay on the tableallows a group to delay action on an item of business in order to focus on more urgent business
previous questionterminates debate and prevents the making of all subsidary motions, exept lay on the table, on the immediately pending motion
limit or extend limits of debateputs a quantitative limit on how many speeches or how long debate can continue on a certain motion
postpone definitelyallows a chapter to delay action on an item of business for a set amount of time
refer to a committeesends to motion a smaller, more concentrated group for closer inspection and examination
parli proa coordinated system used to conduct business when working in a group
amendallows members to modify a motion already before the group
postpone indefinitelykills a main motion without actually having to vote it down; used to test the strength of a motion
point of orderdeals with a violation of the rules
appeal from the decision of the chairpermits a member to disagree with the ruling of the chair and allows the ruling to be brough before the chapter for discussion and consideration
object to the consideration of the questionterminates a motion when members feel the motion is not the business of the chapter
suspend the rulesallows a motion that cannot be passed without violating a groups rules, be passed
division of the assemblyallows the chapter to receive a more accurate count on a vote
division of the questionallows the group to split a motion in two, considering each motion separately
parli inquiryallows a member to gain information pertinent to parli laws and principles
withdrawallows the member who made the motion to take the motion back before the chapter decides on the motion
rescindis used to cancel an item of business the voting body approved at a previous meeting
main motionsbring a new item of business before the group

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