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The Weather Machine

Become more familiar with terms and concepts in this unit

weatherstate of the atmosphere at a particular place and at a specific time
climateaverage weather conditions over a long period of time
atmospheresurrounds the earth and made up of 4 layers
gravityforce that makes things fall to earth
ozoneabsorbs ultra violet radiation
cloudsprevents excessive heating and cooling of the earth
tropospherelayer closest tot he earth
statospherecontains ozone gas
solar radiationenergy from the sun
insolationanother term for sun's energy
terrestrial radiationheat energy from the ground that is radiated back to space
temperaturethe degree of heat or cold in the atmosphere
aspectrefers to the direction of the slope which faces the sun
humidityrefers to the amount of water vapour in the air
condensationrefers to the process of water vapour changing into water droplets
Six's thermometermeasures the maximum and minimum temperatures of the day
isothermslines found on temperature maps joining all places with the same temperatures
hygrometermeasures relative humidity
stevenson screena white wooden box with louvered sides
convectional rainfallformed when temperatures and humidity are high and common in tropical areas
relief rainalso known as orographic rain
leeward sidealso known as the rainshadow
frontal raincaused by meeting of two air masses of different temperatures & humidity
warm frontlighter warm air rises over heavier cold air resulting in light rain over a large area
cold frontheavier cold air slips under warm air and forces it to rise resulting in heavy rain over a small area for a short time


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