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Sentence or Fragment?

Decide whether each group of words is a sentence or a fragment.

Because Mickey stands too far from the plate and missed the outside pitch.FRAGMENT "Because" is a subordinator. The whole thing is a subordinate clause.
The pilot hears no no noise when the plane breaks the sound barrier.SENTENCE The first part is a main clause. Only the second part is a subordinate clause.
Leaving Ken in charge of the class without any adult present.FRAGMENT "Leaving" has no helping verb and no subject
Using very little gas, the 2 HP engine is very economical.SENTENCE "The HP engine is" gives the main clause a subject and predicate.
While we were waiting for a bus to take us to the game.FRAGMENT "While" is a subordinator. The whole thing is a subordinate clause.
After flying to Denver and taking a bus to the ski resort.FRAGMENT "After" is a preposition. "Landing" and "Taking" have no helping verb and no subject.
The beautiful girl who is every young man's dream.FRAGMENT "Who"is a subordinator and takes up all the words that follow into a subordinate clause.
My mother was watching TV as my dad read the paper.SENTENCE "My mother was watching TV" is a main clause. Note the helping verb for "watching."
Waiting to seize a passing fish, a lobster hides in its underground cave.SENTENCE "A lobster hides" is subject a nd predicate for the main clause.
Burned and partially destroyed by fire last evening.FRAGMENT "Burned" and "destroyed" have no subject and no helping verbs.
Cleaning and scrubbing pots and pans which will be dirty again in a few hours.FRAGMENT "Cleaning" and "scrubbing" have no subject or helping verbs. "Which" is a subordinator, making the ending a subordinate clause
To swim properly and with confidence.FRAGMENT No subject
On the far side of the field on the Johnson farmFRAGMENT Nothing but prepositional phrases are here.
To make outside shots consistently from outside the arc.FRAGMENT No subject, only a few prepositional phrases
To avoid being sick, Cindy left the theater right awaySENTENCE "Cindy left" are the subject and predicate of the main clause.
After dawn I tried to catch some bass one more time.SENTENCE "I tried" is the subject and predicate. Note that "after dawn" is a prepositional phrase here. "After" is not a subordinator here. Prepositions take an object ("dawn.")
A combination of two plants grown in India and Pakistan.FRAGMENT No main clause. "Combination" might be a subject, but "grown" needs a helping verb ("Is grown") to be a predicate.
As he opened the door and peeked out into bright daylight.FRAGMENT "As" is a subordinator. The whole thing is a subordinate clause.
Setting out in the early part of August in the heat of the morning.FRAGMENT No subject and "setting out" needs a helping verb.
To break through the thick bushes, we used a board.SENTENCE "We used" is a subject and predicate. "We used a board" is the main clause

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