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Nitrogen cycle

Nitrogen70% of the atmosphere
Nitrogen FixationA process that converts atmospheric nitrogen into nitrate
Root NodulesContain nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Found in leguminous plants.
RhizobiumA nitrogen-fixing bacterium
NitrificationThe process of converting ammonium salts into nitrates
AmmoniaPoisonous compound formed by the breakdown of nitrogenous wastes such as urea
NitriteFormed by the action of nitrifying bacteria on ammonia
NitrateFormed from the nitrification of nitrite
DenitrificationA process that takes place in anaerobic conditions
NitrosomonasNitrifying bacterium that converts ammonia into nitrite
NitrobacterNitrifying bacterium that converts nitrite into nitrate
NostocDenitrifying, anaerobic bacterium
LightningPhysical process that fixes atmospheric nitrogen into the soil
Haber ProcessIndustrial chemical process that converts nitrogen into nitrate fertiliser
RhizosphereTrapped air in the soil layer
Amino acidNitrogen-containing sub-unit of protein
EatingHow nitrogen is obtained by animals

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