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Cell Chemistry Vocabulary Review (Properties of Water, Acids and Bases)

Use this activity to check your understanding of water, solutions, suspensions, acids, and bases.

polar moleculemolecule in which the charges are unevenly distributed causing them to have a positive side and a negative side
hydrogen bondweak attraction between polar molecules
cohesionattraction between molecules of the same substance
adhesionattraction between molecules of different substances
mixturematerial composed of two or more substances that are physically mixed together but not chemically combined
solutionmixture in which all the components are evenly distributed
solutethe substance that is dissolved in a solution
solventthe substance in which another substance is dissolved to form a solution
suspensionmixture in which some particles cannot dissolve completely because they are too large
acidsubstance that releases hydrogen (H+) ions when mixed with water
basesubstance that releases hydroxide (OH-) ions when mixed with water
pH scalemeasurement system to indicate the concentration of hydrogen (H+) ions in a solution
pH 7neutral solution, pure water, hydrogen ions (H+) = hydroxide (OH-) ions
pH below 7acidic solutions, hydrogen ions (H+) > hydroxide (OH-) ions
pH above 7basic solutions, hydrogen ions (H+) < hydroxide (OH-) ions
bufferweak acids or weak bases that react with strong acids or bases to prevent sharp and sudden changes in pH

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