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Keeping Our Waters Healthy Vocab.

Part 3
Protecting our Waters

water conservationusing water carefully and protecting it
microorganismsbacteria in the soil that helps digest the remaining solid particles in the wastewater
irrigationpiping in water from lakes, ponds, rivers to water farms
wastewaterwater that runs into drains that may contain sewage and chemicals from homes and businesses or pollutants from industry
hydrologic cycleanother name for the water cycle
wastewater treatment plantpipes and sewers that carry billions of gallons of wastewater from homes, businesses, and other public buildings
grit chambergrit that settles out on the bottom of the wastewater
primary treatmentstep 1, removing solid materials using screens and sedimentation
primary sedimentation tankthe tank that receives the waste water from the grit chamber
secondary treatmentstep 2, the process that uses biological methods
aerationputting air into a substance
secondary sedimentation tankthe tank where the wastewater goes after the aeration part
tertiary treatmentstep 3, the step that uses sand to filter the remaining solid particles
sludgethe removed solid particles during the various stages of the cleaning process
cakea dry material that contains many nutrients and is used for fertilizer on farms
septic systemincludes a septic tank and absorption field
septic tanka water-tight box where wastewater flows
absorption fieldthe remaining water in the tank flows to the buried pipes
perforated pipespipes with holes or perforation that leaks the filtered wastewater into the absorption field
stewardshiphaving a responsibility for conserving and restoring resources

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