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Idioms, Idioms, Idioms!

Match the idiom with the meaning.

His bark is worse than his biteIt sounds worse than it is
Bite off more than you can chewTry to do too much at one time
Bite the dustLost
Bite the hand that feeds youBe nasty to someone who is nice to you.
Put the bite onAsk for money or favors.
Flesh and bloodBorn in the same family
New bloodDifferent people
Make my blood boilGet very angry
Make my blood run coldTo be terrified or scared
Blood is thicker than waterWhen you are having trouble, your family is more helpful than anyone else
Hit the booksStudy hard
Hit the jackpotBe very lucky or do exactly the right thing
Hit it offEnjoy being with someone
Hit and runTo cause an accident and leave without giving your name or helping the person who is hurt
Hit the roof/ceilingTo be very, very angry
Take shapeGrow or develop the right way
Take it out onBe unkind to someon because you are angry about something else
Take it or leave itTake something without any changes that you might want
Take your life in your handsBe in a dangerous situation.
Take the bull by the hornsBe brave and do what is right
Throw in the towelGive up and not try anymore
Throw your weight aroundAct like everyone should follow what you say
Throw the book atGive someone a big penalty
Throw your hat in the ringTry to get elected to a political or school office
Throw togetherMix something

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